Elton John – Nikita

From 1985, it was a hit for the artist, but also musically a rather dated sounding ’80s tune. Lyrically, it takes unrequited love to the Cold War and could be interpreted as anti-communist. And if you read on, has a unique sexual twist to it!

But back to the Cold War: Elton sings about his love for a beautiful East German border guard. Yet, he can’t be with her since he can’t get across the Berlin Wall:

There are many references in the lyrics suggesting that it’s not so great on the other side: it’s cold, there are soldiers and gates and guns. Elton wonders if Nikita will ever know the freedom of the West (“And if you’re free to have a choice/Just look towards the West and find a friend”). I can easily imagine Ronald Reagan making such a speech, apart from being friends.

Of course, we now know that in a few short years, the Berlin Wall would fall.

Would Elton and Nikita get together?

Given his homosexuality, my guess is nope. Then again, Nikita, in Russian, is a male name!

(Which made you have another look at the pictures of Nikita, didn’t you?)

Footnote: George Michael sings backup vocals. The video’s director, Ken Russell, also directed the Who’s filmed version of their rock opera, Tommy.

Also by Elton John from politicaltunes: I’m Still Standing


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