George Harrison – Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)

According to the OECD and World Bank, Bangladesh, in South Asia, received more than $1.2 billion USD in foreign aid, in 2009, for its 162 million citizens. It is struggling to cast off its status as a developing country, and has seen an increase in foreign investment, a diversifying economy (away from jute), and a growing middle class.  It is today a parliamentary democracy, and during election periods, a “caretaker government” assumes control to try to ensure free and fair government transitions. Nevertheless, corruption remains, and poverty is widespread.

It takes generations to improve poor countries, as back in 1971, George Harrison held two benefit concerts for the country. Performers included Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and Ravi Shankar. Funds were raised with the soundtrack album, though legal problems meant only a small amount of the money went to help feed Bangladeshis. This song came from Harrison’s Living in the Material World record, which followed his Bangladesh cause, and made the Billboard #1 in 1973 (knocking Paul McCartney’s “My Love” down to the #2 spot for the last week of June).

Bangladesh is often cited as a place most susceptible to climate change. Perhaps the remaining Beatles could get to work helping the people of this country once again.

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