Brooks and Dunn – Only in America

The Huffington Post noted that no other song has so much politics attached to it, given that this country anthem was used as theme music by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, John Kerry, John McCain Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

It’s common for patriotism to be expressed in country songs, but this one came out just before the September 2001 terrorist attacks. The lyrics about dreaming big and having dreams realized was a positive message during this time, but also could be lumped in with Statue of Liberty-type messages of the USA being the land of opportunity. No doubt this resonated with Americans believing at the time that these freedoms were under attack.

The song was also used in the Oliver Stone film, “World Trade Center.” It was one of three #1 hits for the country duo (Billboard’s Hot Country Songs list), from their “Steers and Stripes” album, released in 2001.


One thought on “Brooks and Dunn – Only in America

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