Pretenders – My City Was Gone

From 1982, this song about singer Chrissie Hynde’s hometown has a bass line just made for guitarists to solo over, interminably.

The song is also used as the theme music for the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show, since 1984. It is a curious choice, since the lyrics lament increased urban development and pollution, an environmental awareness not shared by the shock jock. Mind you, if the problems in Akron were caused by central planners – “A government that had no pride” – perhaps such state intervention and rapid change still speaks to those of a conservative disposition.

Wikipedia notes that Hynde, like many other artists that have not liked conservatives using their songs, initially took action. After all, Hynde is as liberal as they come. Elsewhere, such as on radio/podcasts with comedian Adam Carolla, the band leader has expressed indifference to this unlicensed use.

Perhaps having one’s tune played to the millions of listeners Rush claims to have each day can also help sell CDs and song downloads?


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