Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours

Most would assume George W. Bush and Barack Obama have little in common. However, “Dubya” used this 1970 Stevie Wonder soul tune in his 2000 presidential campaign. Obama used the song to wrap up his speeches when running to secede him in 2008. Wonder also played the song live at the Democratic National Convention in this year, which essentially approved Obama to be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Given how much ink has been printed on Bush’s wayward youth, perhaps the lyrics to the song are fitting (“I’ve done a lot of foolish things that I really didn’t mean, didn’t I?“). These words, along with “Like a fool [in Iraq?] I went and stayed too long” may also apply to criticisms of his actions as president!

Exultations from many for Obama as the first black president may also be imagined as represented in the song: “You set my soul on fire/That’s why I know you’re my heart’s only desire.”

Also by Stevie Wonder, reviewed here: He’s Misstra Know-It-AllIsn’t She Lovely


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