Parachute Club – Rise Up

A 1983 song, and a call for gays to come out of the closet, has been used by a movement in Canada, the United Alternative, that sought to unite the political right wing in this country. The Parachute Club threatened to sue the UA organizers. It was a poor choice for the right wing in Canada, given that one of the political parties involved, the Reform Party of Canada, was habitually derided as being anti-gay.

The song won a Juno award (a Canadian Grammy award) and has been popular for political campaigns from the left wing:

  • BC New Democratic Party leadership candidate Ujjal Dosanjh, a victor, used this song (a competitor used Trooper’s Raise A Little Hell);
  • Federal New Democratic Party leadership candidate Jack Layton, also a victor, campaigned with Rise Up in 2003. (Actually, the band wrote him a “sequel” or update to their tune). The song was also performed at his wedding to Olivia Chow, and sadly at his state funeral in 2011.

Rise Up was also used without permission in a commercial for a pizza dough that rises by itself [isn’t that obvious: bread with yeast rising?)


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