The Tea Party – The Bazaar

Hard rock with tinges of Eastern and Celtic influences somewhat describes Canada’s The Tea Party. Popular in the 1990s, this band is in the news today for sharing its name with the grassroots political movement in the United States.

The Tea Party (the band), owns the website,, which could be worth a lot of money to the American group given the presidential election next year.

According to the Vancouver Sun newspaper, dated the day of this post, the band (defunct since 2005 though trying to get going again) has many website hits and inquiries from people looking for the political movement. It’s website main page now says, “No politics… Just Rock and Roll.”

It could sell the domain name for about a million dollars, though then face the age-old criticism of rock stars being sell-outs. And sell-outs, to a group that may not necessarily reflect any of the views of the members of the band.

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