D.O.A. – Nazi Training Camp

Note: explicit language in the lyrics.

D.O.A. are Canada’s premier punk band, dating back to the heyday of late 1970s punk. Their second album, ‘Hardcore 81,’ may be the first use of the term ‘hardcore’ for the genre of punk.

The singer, Joey Keithley (better known as Joey S**thead), had a political motto, “Talk Minus Action Equals Zero.” His memoirs, “I, S**thead: A Life in Punk” sort of get into his beliefs, though mostly focused on what it was like to be a broke punk band on the  road.

For the singer of a Vancouver band that railed against Ronald Reagan, police brutality and the rich, he also somehow reconciled these hard-left views with running for British Columbia, Canada’s provincial Green Party, in 1996 and 2001. (He did not win election to the provincial legislature). “Nazi Training Camp” by D.O.A., was Keithley’s campaign theme song in 2001. Incidentally, it was this year that the free-enterprise party he likely so despises, the BC Liberal Party, won almost every seat.

Recently, the band has played at various Occupy events.


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