Madonna – American Life

Madonna actually found this song being deemed one of her worst by various critics, from her 2003 album of the same name. The K-Mart sounding Casio keyboards only suggest a song, and the “rapping” is forced. The lyrics, as with the tone of the entire album, appear to reject the Material Girl’s former consumer culture, capitalist image, though at least her earlier hits had vocal melodies and were sung in major keys. This political position of the tune was also criticized for being insincere, given the very-rich Madonna has made a career out of exploiting commercial opportunities. Indeed, the Lady Gaga progenitor has sang about being a sexy virgin and has a children’s book, has switched religions like the changing seasons, tried acting in films and even affected a new accent when speaking. Still, perhaps someone with Madonna’s status is better equipped to understand that money doesn’t buy happiness?

Of course, it can be unfair to criticize Madonna on political grounds when her intentions have been more to shock than say anything. The song’s original music video was removed for depicting war and violence, and the embedded, version 2.0 video here tries to include instead the various national flags of the world.

It should be noted that the album cover appears to ape the iconic Che Guevara image:

Che Guevara, revolutionary, is popular among people thinking the man was some sort of hero, but he also oversaw many political executions in Cuba. Curiously, too, Che didn’t think much of homosexuals, despite Madonna’s advocacy for them.


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