Shania Twain – Rock This Country!

Al Gore, running for President in 2000, used this song at various campaign stops to get the crowd all fired up for him, the man who once erroneously boasted that he invented the Internet. Another goof might be that Shania Twain is Canadian, so which country is being rocked? No matter, since Hillary Clinton borrowed the song for her try for being the Democratic presidential candidate, later in 2008. Yet both candidates failed to rock enough supporters to achieve their aims. Likewise, the song was a hit for Twain, but her lowest charting single from the album, Come on Over, failing to crack  the top 20 in 1997.

The song, from Twain’s unique two-version album (country and rock/pop discs of the same songs), is itself a crossover in miniature: rock and country mixed into the very chorus given the instrumentation and arrangement. No doubt this amalgam would be appealing for political use given the attempts of campaigners to draw support from as broad a mass of people as possible. And given that Twain performs perfectly executed, highly polished yet ultimately vapid numbers, the blandness mimics the art of modern politicking not trying to offend anyone. Indeed, the exclamation mark in the title of the tune is official, as if listeners have to be told to have a good time because the music itself is straining to be so genuinely fun.

“Rock This Country!” was also used by a Canadian politician, Preston Manning, at the second “United Alternative” convention, an effort to bring together Canada’s right-wing federal parties that ultimately succeeded.


2 thoughts on “Shania Twain – Rock This Country!

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