Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

As of writing, this Puerto Rican/Spanish pop star is playing Che (Guevara) in the musical Evita. This is curious given that this “fortunate homosexual man” (his words, his website, 2010) will be reading lines based on a man that would have had him murdered for such sexual orientation.

The unrelenting, fast-tempo, horn-filled tune comes from his eponymous 1999 album and first offering in the English language. The album scored big at the next Grammy Awards and made the singer into a superstar. The song is said to have paved way for Latin pop in America, was a Billboard #1 for five weeks, and no doubt is still on playlists for many a wedding DJ.

In English, Livin’ La Vida Loca means living the crazy life. Perhaps Ricky Martin is making a crazy ironic point in portraying Che Guevara.

For more on Che Guevara, see Madonna – American Life from this blog. For gay rights and acceptance, see Lady Gaga – Born This Way and Rod Stewart – the Killing of Georgie.


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