Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

Beyoncé won several Grammy awards for this dance pop, R&B tune, released in 2008, about a woman in a nightclub after the end of a relationship. She meets someone new, but her former boyfriend is also there. The singer urges women to dump their partners who don’t propose marriage.

In this respect, the song could be interpreted as having a conservative, family-values, traditional type message, that women and men should take relationships seriously, with formal marriage.

The song is nonetheless widely and basely considered a simple message of (feminist) female empowerment, and given the soap opera premise of the lyrics, this may be all it is about. Yet, the former Destiny’s Child member was raised a Christian, in a family of registered Republican Party members. She has stated her “booty shaking” does not offend God, and only performed for President Barack Obama because lots of people would be there.

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