Patsy Cline – Crazy

Willie Nelson wrote this song, and Patsy Cline has recorded its definitive version. Her rendition made #2 country hit in 1962, and 30 years later, presidential candidate Ross Perot curiously used it as his campaign theme song!

Willie Nelson is a pot-smoking tax evader with a beautiful, primitive voice and Patsy Cline apparently never liked his song; foretelling doom, she died the following year in a car wreck. Ross Perot, a billionaire business man with populist political leanings, went for President as an independent candidate calling for expanding the war on drugs, dialing back free trade and stopping the outsourcing of jobs. Against Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr., Perot didn’t get any electoral college votes, but nearly 20% of the popular vote.

The song is about being hopelessly in love, while Perot’s critics thought he was bonkers. It is for this reason, with a sense of humor, that the song was chosen by Perot himself for the campaign.


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