Paul McCartney – Pipes of Peace

Sir Paul is 70 years old today!

This song, from his 1983 solo album of the same name, has an interesting video in which McCartney acts as both a British and a German platoon leader. They become fast but short lived friends, during a truce, Christmas 1914, First World War.

There were unofficial ceasefires at this time, and the message from the song is obviously, that we are all not so different, so why fight? This scenario makes the reasons for conflict in the First World War simplistic, and we know fighting resumed. And we know the pipes of peace still need be played. But still as a jaunty protest song, this one expresses a common humanity and concern for the people of the world; the focus is on what we have in common and not what divides. It’s fitting that a bubbly message comes from this rock star royal born during the Second World War, known for his light melodies and sugar-coated love songs.

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3 thoughts on “Paul McCartney – Pipes of Peace

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