Justin Bieber – Maria

Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean is updated by Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. The song relates to the young singer’s star status making him the target of a false paternity suit.

Mariah Yeater is the name of the actual female referred to in the song. Bieber wonders why she would treat him like dirt. Politicians themselves have been dealing with paternity suits themselves over the years. Most recently, Indian politician ND Tawari has been forced to provide a blood sample regarding fathering a child with a woman more than 50 years younger than himself. Which surely puts this example of out the demographic of Bieber devotees.

“What up, India!” Bieber greets:

The personal lives of politicians (and music artists) doesn’t necessarily speak to their abilities to perform their jobs. But they are often held to higher standards given the importance of the position. If a politician can’t manage their own sex life, are they fit to represent us?

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