Madonna – Human Nature

Last week, Madonna pulled a Janet Jackson, exposing a nipple, to appreciative fans in Istanbul, Turkey (while performing this 1994 song of hers). She revealed herself to show solidarity with women oppressed in this country, but many news stories and blogs barely get past the “wardrobe malfunction” to discuss feminism in Turkey. You see, the sneak peek was a protest against abortion and pregnancy laws in Turkey, and the song has a bondage themed video. Which all relates, totally?

Not long ago, the Material(ist) Girl was telling us Janet Jackson had performed a cheap publicity stunt: “You don’t have to show your nipples to be interesting, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting-edge if you do.”

Turkey is not exactly on the vanguard of politics, either. It is frequently cited as not being a role model for human rights. Given Madonna’s uninspiring musical output of late, and now her latest bare-all, have not the Turkish people suffered enough?

Still, exposing body parts is part of the canon of protest methods, and Madonna is hardly new to this game. It is questionable whether such provocative displays effect public policy change or just cheapen the artist, protester… whoever… doing the stripping. There are surely many important issues native to Turkey we can care about, but better ways of raising awareness about them?

Madonna is also discussed regarding revolutionary hero Che Guevara, on this blog, here.


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