The Kelly Family – The Children Of Kosovo

The Kelly Family, a European group, has been around since the 1970s and sold around 20 million records. But you’ve probably never heard of them! They did sing about the Kosovo conflict:

This song calls for a (simplistic) end to war, but more specifically, for people to look after the nameless children that survived the war in Kosovo (1998-1999). This was a conflict between the ethnic Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army, seeking independence in Kosovo, which was really part of Yugoslavia at the time. The other combatants were the Yugoslav military and Serbian police. NATO also conducted air strikes, ostensibly to permit nearly a million people to return to their homes.

So spirited are the views on either side of this war, that it can be difficult to find a basic overview of the situation, even today. The Kosovo War is a good example of the pitfalls of doing Internet research on political events, in this regard.


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