Frank Ocean – Swim Good

He’s a songwriter, including for Justin Bieber, but now this man is the most famous openly gay rapper. The genre of music is known for its uber-masculinity, male chauvinism and indeed, homophobia. But Frank Ocean came out of his closet after a music personality wondered why some of the references in his tunes were directed at men, not women. Ocean came clean, and a desire expressed in the hook to this 2010 tune is to jump in an ocean and swim away from it all, to swim free. While his fans continue to debate whether the artist is a rapper, does R&B or something else, now they know where the affections of his heart lie. They can also spend their time inspecting every lyric from the artist for its seeming references to the performer’s sexuality no matter how weak the connection.

The outing comes shortly after U.S. President Barack Obama publicly supported same-sex marriage after some waffling over the years. Politicians, like musicians, both deliberate at length before revealing their views on this matter.


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