Justin Bieber – Baby

The narrator is upset! Because he still cares for a girl! But, she left him!

If them’s not fightin’ words, well, this 2010 song from tween heartthrob “The Bieb,” was banned. Banned, I tell you!

Well, it was only at a public school in Coney Island, baby. Dig this, the kids had planned to sing “God Bless The USA,” by Lee Greenwood:

This patriotic ditty would be performed by Kindergarten ankle biters for their “graduation” (because everyone deserves a medal for showing up). Yet the principal of the school smushed his censorial thumb on the CD player’s stop button at a rehearsal. The song would offend people of other cultures. Rather, Mr. Principal felt Justin Bieber would be a better fit. Hence, this song, Baby:

‘Twould be preferable for six-year-olds to sing, “Are we an item? / Just quit playin.”

So, presumably, family values-minded parents protested. And finally you know that Baby, which also features Ludacris, was banned, too. Perhaps the school kids ultimately just did a pantomime, assuming that wouldn’t offend the deaf.

Kids, the moral of the story: this is just an example of we should have bigger problems?

Political correctness may have become a pejorative term, though refers to attempts by governments and groups and individuals in society to try to reduce offence to people based on their gender, age, height, weight, sexual preference, religion, race, disability and so on… A lot of it has to do with the way he/she speaks, but extends to education curriculum, government communication and our day to day lives. At its most benign, political correctness is about respect. Yet… Being politically “incorrect” has become a point of pride for many, and the source of satire even if typically lacking much inspiration and wit. Like this disposable, though catchy pop song, political correctness a trend that still makes its minor points.

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