Ludacris – Politics (Obama Is Here)

“The world is ready for change, ‘cuz Obama is here,” raps Ludacris, looking forward to the first black president of the United States. This, back in the 2008 election year, captured some of the excitement among many Americans at this time. Mind you, the tune was also criticized for taking that jubilant mood too far.

Ludacris claims he is Obama’s favourite rapper, and “disses” the Democrat’s opponents quite harshly (hoping Republican contender John McCain would become paralyzed, that George W. Bush is mentally handicapped and even that Obama’s rival for his party’s top job, Hillary Clinton, is a “b**ch”). The rhymes about painting the White House black and that nooses won’t deter us, imply racism from whites that were not supporting Obama.

For all of this, Obama’s campaign denounced the song publicly. The Internet and blogosphere at the time debated whether the song would in fact help the Republicans, and also called to question the rap abilities of Ludacris.


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