Europe – Cherokee

Swedish hard rockers address the situation of Native Americans with ham-handed lyrics and bombastic metal musical cliches. The video was filmed in Spain (spaghetti Western territory). It is hardly an accurate depiction of its subject. For example, the Cherokee were not plains Indians, but at least the band members have great hair, blowing in the wind!

Europe may not go down in history as proficient writers of protest songs, and “Cherokee” could be a good example of the importance of people telling stories in their own words, of which they have knowledge. One gets the sense the band members were passing time on their tour bus tossing off possible subjects to write a song about, and Native Americans just sounded pretty cool and exotic.

No doubt they were earnest and had all the best intentions. And they laughed all the way to the bank: Their 1986 album, The Final Countdown, which included this song, was a multi-million copy seller. Yet, the band has donated a significant amount of money to the famine in Ethiopia, even if there are no Native Americans there…

So what have we learned?: A video in Spain for Native Americans on the plains that didn’t live there, then over to Africa – Europe is named after a continent and needed a map.

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