Willie Nelson – Living In The Promiseland

Willie Nelson recorded this song that was No. 1 on the country charts in 1986.

The “Promised Land” is a religious term, which can mean land promised to a people by God, and to Mormons, the continental USA.

The lyrics to this song cop several Biblical lines, and appear to be about an America that needs to continue caring about people, especially immigrants seeking the American Dream.  That there is room for everyone is a multicultural message, even if the Christianity of the song may not jive with new Americans that reject this faith. It is far easier to advocate than achieve and deliver acceptance, yet important for all to love they neighbor. Beyond this, blank acceptance of all dreams can lead to a meaningless sense of nationalism for a country. The song extols the need for all to enjoy their freedom, which when one’s expressions impinge on the activities of others, makes living in such a Promise Land a bumpy endeavour.


One thought on “Willie Nelson – Living In The Promiseland

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