Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend

This song from 1978 is best known as the theme for the 1985-92 NBC sitcom, “The Golden Girls,” about four senior citizens living together in Florida.

For politics, the situation of an aging population is often presented as a ticking demographic time bomb. That is, there will be too many golden agers from the baby boom generation, drawing from public old age security programs… with not enough working aged taxpayers to fund these entitlements. If taxes must rise enough to keep such benefits sustainable, the younger population could come to resent their elders. Media sensationalism has depicted a coming war of the generations given this looming silver tsunami.

However, whether civilization as we know it will be destroyed by such geriatric terrorism committed by kindly, prune-eating, Depends-wearing, lawn bowling square dancers, depends on the public policy responses, that if taken now, can head off catastrophe at the pass. A common solution is to encourage seniors to be and get healthy and so be independent. This is good advice for people of any age, but history has proven governments ineffective at promoting such behaviour without employing a heavy, freedom-sapping hand.



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