Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On

Following the hullabaloo for the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic earlier this year, it’s clear again how entranced people continue to be by this tragic true-life event. Sitting through yet another version of the 1997 movie may be numbing;  we also fall into the age-old story of media sensationalism: it’s the same as reporters not filing stories of all the planes that safely landed at their destinations.

The Titanic wasn’t the only passenger ship making transatlantic journeys, and indeed, wasn’t even the first from the White Star Line. Millions of people emigrated to Canada and the United States, on this company’s boats. Competitors, like the Cunard company, offered the same services. The overwhelming majority of the trips were without major incident, but of course, the Titanic is the focus!

Likewise, this theme song was #1 the world over, has won an Academy Award and sold more singles than most other tunes. So, like the boats that didn’t sink, what songs are being overshadowed we should instead listen to in place of this overwrought ballad?

More from Céline here: Love Can Move Mountains

An early Titanic song, by Ernest Van “Pop” Stoneman


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