Eminem – Mosh

Eminem didn’t want George W. Bush back for the 2004 Presidential election. This song sought to encourage voters to feel the same way, focusing on the war in Iraq. In a narcissistic manner characteristic of the boasting in rap music, somehow Eminem envisioned himself as the one to lead undecided voters out of the darkness. Him, a controversial rapper with well-documented personal, family, legal and drug troubles, cited as homophobic and retrograde, an inciter of violence, makes the leadership call somewhat challenging to accept. But such was the vitriol among so many artists for “Dubya” that the full picture became overshadowed by emotion.

We often criticize musicians and other artists for having too much influence on public opinion. We say they pontificate on topics such as politics that are not their areas of expertise. Mind you, here is an example of failing to sway, since Bush won the election.

The man still continues to inspire much hate, but also blame for the way things are and continue to be. Yet, after nearly four years without George W. Bush in the White House, should detractors move on before the President’s name becomes a hollow scapegoat and straw man when accountability should land on subsequent politicians?


2 thoughts on “Eminem – Mosh

  1. Agree with everything you have said about Eminem, but feel slow in realising that the blogger is a paid member of the Republican Party.

    • Hello and thanks for reading, and thanks your recent comments on posts here. Sorry, I don’t live in the USA and am not a member of a political party. However, I still appreciate your constructive criticism. Comments can add to our interpretations of songs, which is productive.

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