Bee Gees – Massachusetts

If Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney fails to unseat incumbent Barack Obama today, this 1967 Bee Gees song may fit. It was the band’s first number one hit (in Australia and the UK) and sold millions as a single. Romney, of course, has been the Governor of Massachusetts since 2002 and isn’t hoping to “go back” there if that means defeat.

His “Romneycare” health plan for this state is similar to “ObamaCare,” the President’s coming system of subsidizing the cost of private health insurance for Americans. This has created no end of confusion for voters. That’s because the Republican plan is to repeal “ObamaCare,” immediately, even if it is like what the Governor did back home!

Still, Romney is known for being too artificial, and fitting then that this song’s smooth, flowing melody seems to suggest it was never composed, but always around.

Good Luck, Mitt!

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