Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

Back in 1986, Canadian group Glass Tiger had a #1 in their home country and #2 in the USA, with this melody-rich tune that also benefited from having Bryan Adams helping out on backing vocals.

Politicians wish to be remembered when their careers are over. Legacy projects are common ways to do this.

American presidents get their own libraries, and the most famous of them monuments in the state capital (the proposed Eisenhower one has been controversial). Or maybe you get your visage carved on a mountain face.

In Canada, the coming of the millennium in 2000 – yes, it is more accurately 2001 – led to many funding projects as if the end of 1999 was ripe for honoring. The federal Prime Minister at the time, Liberal Jean Chretien, even created scholarships for post secondary students when such pork barreling is the constitutional domain of the provinces.

Mind you, more dastardly and Machiavellian, governments knowing they’re on the way out might consider laying some time bombs for the next government of a different party or ideological stripe to choke on. Flurries of pre-election spending announcements can bind the next government to commitments its campaign platform did not endorse, breaking its fiscal plan.

And back to Prime Minister Chretien, again, since this is a Canadian song, he changed the game on political party financing by banning corporate donations to political parties. This actually hurt his own party that largely relied on such funding sources (as a smackdown to his arch nemesis successor, Paul Martin). His Liberal Party has not been in power since 2004.


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