No Doubt – Looking Hot

A video for No Doubt’s “Looking Hot” song was pulled earlier this month by the rock band for being offensive to Native Americans.

The Village People used to do stuff like this all the time, but society is more sensitive now to offending races and cultures.

Meanwhile, videos continue to show women that  degrade themselves in revealing costume and movements of sexual gyrations according to some feminists and  conservatives. Maybe the video intended to parody old Roy Rogers movies. But the appearance of a lack of tact and sensitivity from a mixed-race band is odd indeed despite any fun intended. Or, the band was successfully publicity-grabbing…

Political correctness may be fun to chide, but it never feels great to be on the receiving end of mistreatment. The history of Native Americans is not a Disneyfied one to say the least, and respect is deserved. It takes generations to overcome stereotypes.

See also: Europe, Cherokee from this blog.


3 thoughts on “No Doubt – Looking Hot

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  2. Go to Vimeo ….. Where it shall be found.
    …. I all too well understand, though, the sensitive points and rights/rites involved ….(…when is enough, enuff ~ & how do you go a~bout Change….effectively!).
    Hhhhuuuummmm, …… Deep Dive Time 😉
    Great Blogging, awarenesses …. education, my what an interesting word
    Thank you, WW

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