The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

Baby take a chance, baby won’t you dance with me? – Not exactly classic lyrics from the classic band, with their new 2012 song:

But one line references fracking – a current natural resources industry political controversy.

Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing – this is squirting fluid, including chemicals known as toxins, at immense pressure into the cracks in shale rocks. The resulting fractures allow natural gas to seep, which may then be captured. This process allows more resources to be extracted than other techniques, making it economically viable. But fracking is also criticized for polluting groundwater and the air. And even causing earthquakes.

You can easily find many websites warning of the dangers of this mining process. Some are hindered by hyperbole and fearmongering. The criticisms nonetheless tie into a larger rejection of reliance on fossil fuels and broader environmental concern. As well, you can easily find rebuttals. The rebuttals may go to painstaking lengths to show that fracking has been done for decades and hasn’t brought the side effects claimed. Yet you may be suspicious of the pro-fracking side if it is industry-sponsored or friendly?

Take your pick of sides, but note that The Stones have what is clearly the first mainstream song about fracking (there are some novelty ones mucking about from unknowns).


One thought on “The Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

  1. Fears that fracking companies are operating in a Wild West environment with little regulation have prompted political action. In June, the group Don’t Frack Ohio led thousands of protesters on a march to the statehouse, where they declared their commitment to halting hydraulic fracturing in the state. Legislation banning the process has been considered but is now on hold in California. New York — which sits atop a giant natural gas reserve — has a statewide fracking moratorium; pending policies would allow the process only where local officials support it.

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