The Everly Brothers – Man With Money

Phil (or Don) Everly complain in song that a girl whose affection is being sought only goes for rich guys.

Now, the narrator understands that money doesn’t make a man, and calls the girl a fool for thinking otherwise. Yet, he’s none too bright either, plotting to rob a store to win the girl.

The 1965 tune, also covered by The Who, certainly expresses some bitterness about poverty and social status in an America of opportunity. Decades later, such contempt for the so-called 1% of richest citizens wrought the Occupy Wall Street movement. In some incarnations in some places, this assemblage led to robbery and other lawlessness, although the Occupiers made important points about governments paying too much attention to corporations. The girl in this song – like social justice – remains at large.


One thought on “The Everly Brothers – Man With Money

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