Moby – Study War

Electronic musician Moby updates the traditional gospel song, “Down By The Riverside,” known for its refrain, “I ain’t gonna study war no more.” This original goes back to the American Civil War and was also sung by Black slaves:

Moby’s narrator in the chillout version naively awaits the end of war so that we won’t have to worry about it. A timeless, though simplistic message it may be, a cynic may cite such idealism as bringing false hope.

At any given time, in multiple places, we have armed conflicts, initiated for many reasons: quests for territory, protection of sovereignty, defence and expansion of economic interests, based on racism and tribalism, ideological disagreements, religious divisions…

Instead of pining for the cessation of the studying of war, Moby and the folkies may wish to get a doctorate in the subject to at least play a leadership role minimizing its regular occurrences or better understand and appreciate the many causes and consequences of war. Still, let’s be clear, this critique is expecting too much of an ambient tune made with a computer.


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