Bob Dylan – Political World

Dylan back in 1989 provided a state of the union address in song which speaks the the notion, going back to Aristotle, that that man is a political animal. In fact, the philosopher – Aristotle, not Bob! – meant this as one reason we’d live in cities together. Yet the soundbite has become about the ubiquity of politics.

Dylan takes the negative view of politics, that it is about us versus them, corruption, greed, fear and war. Of course, what he is chastising is some potential, but not necessary, outcomes of politics. The concept itself is not always described so malevolently, but even benignly. After all, it is the people practicing politics that collectively make decisions, if you’d prefer to back up the causality blame game. And many a politician has staked a career on the hope and change of better days to come that politics is also able to bring.

You probably just thought of Barack Obama, but it was Otto von Bismark, German politician around the end of the 19th century, who supposedly said, “Politics is the art of the possible.”


2 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Political World

  1. Dylan is a word man. Joan Baez tried to get him more involved in world issues. He didn’t want to be involved. He is a word man and singer. His songs had meaning to people with dreams. Many performers did a lot in the sixties and the seventies. They had to leave the country.

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