Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

This 1983 song from Canadian new wavers Men Without Hats was a worldwide hit, but not about safe sex or a protest against nuclear war – common interpretations. Lead vocalist Ivan Doruschuk has said the song is about not being able to dance, new wave style, in clubs. This dance style was known as pogoing – bouncing up and down:

In political party theory, brokerage politics is a strategy of appealing to broad interests, to garner a maximum amount of support. A brokerage political party would scan the electorate for the dominant views, and represent those to win votes. This cautious “Safety Dance” type strategy is criticized for avoiding minority interests, for trying to be like Santa Claus political parties offering a little something to everyone, and for not getting behind new or innovative policy proposals for fear of offending the majority voting coalition. However, brokerage politics can also win elections.

A parody of the silly video:


2 thoughts on “Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

  1. Before I “met” John Lennon in meditation, I’d been “seeing” our Lord
    and Mother Mary in devotional prayer and meditation. During that time, because I’d been struggling with clinical depression and a deep longing for God,
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    As a result, in all meditations as well as in life, I’d placed myself under
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    So, although this book is dedicated to John’s section of the story of my inner
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