Ani DiFranco – Amendment

The message is too direct to become a classic folk song of the kind that becomes universal in its stanzas through all ages. It lacks a melody that sticks. This 2012 rant may be more effective to dispense with the rudimentary arrangement and just be delivered as a speech. And there may be some logical inconsistencies in the lyrics that both call for government action and private education in the home. None of this might be the point.

Alternative folk singer Ani Difranco boldly sings for the recognition of women’s rights. This includes the freedom for a woman to have an abortion: ending an unwanted pregnancy must be a choice. This may be the most direct pro-choice song out there, but goes further. She tosses in anti-capitalist rhetoric and religious criticism, in what must surely be as a whole a feminist anthem… even if it bites off more than it chews.

The many messages in one song could fill a few album’s worth of material. A listener wanting to learn the singer’s views and more on the issues raised may have to spend some time with the song to reflect upon its many sidebars. But it is probably not meant to sway opinions; Difranco’s fans will hear want they already believe and feel emboldened in their continued efforts to achieve women’s equality.

The style is similar to another Difranco song, Self Evident.


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