ABBA – Does Your Mother Know?

In the vein of other creepy songs about men in relationships with younger women (think also of the Beatle’s “I Saw Her Standing There,” and worse, “Young Girl,” by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap), ABBA sang about a man flirting with a sweet young thing. It’s still an effective rock and disco mix from 1979. Such trysts, especially if illegal, may still require exposure and possible legal consequences.

Likewise in Lolita fashion, over in Russia, it’s a well-known “secret” that President (and former Prime Minister) Vladimir Putin is a huge ABBA fan. He has even – maybe – danced along to a Bjorn Again (tribute band) concert arranged for him on the “down-low.” The performance allegedly took place at a secret location near Lake Valdai. A few other men were with him, and maybe… his wife. The politician is a judo expert with a masculine image, and has denied this 2009 concert occurred. Bjorn Again claim they were paid handsomely.

ABBA continue to be a guilty pleasure, even for the toughest of politicians.

BBC News story here.


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