Claude de Lisle – La Marseillaise

This composer, born in 1760, composed what would become the national anthem of his country, France. During the French Revolution, people tried to capture King Louis XVI, supposedly under the strains of this song. The anthem was later demoted to ditty by Napoleon I, banned by others like Louis XVIII and Charles X, but restored again in 1879. The song has been borrowed, too: The Beatles sampled it for All You Need is Love, even if the lyrics refer to cutting throats, not kissing them. It is thus more fitting that Metallica has performed it.


3 thoughts on “Claude de Lisle – La Marseillaise

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  2. Hello!

    The France’s national anthem is; LA Marseillaise, not LE.
    It doesn’t matter. The French language is difficult.

    Very very nice, your site. I shall return…

    Good afternoon.

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