Arabian Knightz – Rebel

These Egyptian rappers based in Cairo participated in the “Arab Spring” (protests against governments in Arab countries) two years ago, part of which included efforts to send packing Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

The group had made the song before the uprising, were threatened by the government not to release it, were somewhat stymied in doing so with an Internet blackout, but then got it online thereafter. Music can’t be banned so easily anymore!

The lyrics, in Arabic, made a lot of sense to those protesting, some of which are quoted here:

They killed us, slaughtered us, put us behind bars / Tortured us, robbed us, scarred us, terrorized us and ignored us / But the Egyptian people won’t die / They will conquer / My country is your country / My money, your money / And enslaving us must end. (source)

The song includes a tip of the hat to American singer Lauryn Hill, who is sampled in the song.

Mubarak, meanwhile, fled the country about a month after the protests. A long-sought parliamentary election was held in November 2011 after a referendum on a new Constitution.

Since that time, secular and Islamist groups in Egyptian society struggle to tilt the country’s future to their leanings.


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