Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind

What’s ambiguous about this most famous of peace/protest songs is that Dylan never answers his own question. If the answer to war, if the solution to peace and if the meaning of freedom is blowin’ in the wind, does this mean we can’t grasp it?

Public policy responses to complex problems are often blowin’ in the wind, too. Many variables inform the causes of, let’s say, homelessness. Coming up with an overarching solution is thus difficult, if not impossible. As such, often policy makers take an evolving, “kitchen sink” approach,” trying many different tacks in the hopes that something will work. This is often frustrated by the unrealistic promises of politicians that vow to eradicate this or that for all time with hard deadlines.

See also here from Dylan, Chimes of Freedom and John Brown. And related, Pete Seeger, Where Have All The Flowers Gone


One thought on “Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind

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