Adam Ant – Goody Two Shoes

Goody Two Shoes is a put down. The cliché is from the story, “History of Goody Two Shoes,” which may have been written by Oliver Goldsmith. The protagonist in this book brags about having a full pair of shoes, said footwear donated by a wealthy benefactor. The phrase has come to mean someone that is a bit of a braggart for their virtuousness.

English musician and actor Adam Ant had a few #1 hits (at least, in the UK), back in the early 1980s. He was hardly material most parents would wish their daughter to bring home?

Voters typically expect politicians to be squeaky clean, bereft of any personal scandal or even annoying character trait. It is not the case that the private life of an elected representative necessarily relates to their ability to govern. Yet citizens hold their office-holders to a higher standard than they set for themselves. Alas, many politicians have spectacular sex scandals worthy of societal scorn:

  • Mark Foley, Republic Congressman, sending sexually explicit messages to young male pages (2006)
  • Senator Larry Craig, arrested for lewd behavior in an airport bathroom (2007)
  • Erstwhile family man, New York Governor Elliott Spitzer, using an escort agency (2008)
  • President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), allegedly fathering children with a slave/concubine
  • Italian Prime Minister (1990s and 2000s) Silvio Berlusconi, having sex parties
  • 1980s Democratic presidential candidate aspirant Gary Hart and an extramarital affair
  • President Bill Clinton (1990s), for sexual relations with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky
  • Israeli Prime Minister (2000-2007) Moshe Katsav, for rape and harrassment of female employees
  • Jeremy Thorpe, British Liberal Party leader (1960s), hiring a hit on a gay lover

The “song” of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is also reviewed here. Another Adam Ant song is Kings of the Wild Frontier.


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