Pragaash – Song Unknown

Most teenagers playing music after school should probably keep the garage door closed until they learn their instruments. That may not be what’s at stake for three muslim, Kashmiri girls that started, then stopped, their all-girl band. They won a local Battle of the Bands contest, but also had a fatwa issued against them for breaking Islamic code. As reported by various news sources including BBC News (Asia), South East Asia’s answer to the Runaways were criticized for demonstrating lewd and indecent behaviour for rocking out. Rather than continue, Pragaash (“Band of Lights”) is supposedly no more, voluntarily.

A fatwa could mean a death sentence, or just be like an opinion or nudge to respect and follow Islamic law. Whether a fatwa is respected depends on the reputation of the issuer (a mufti: a scholar). Kashmir is Indian-controlled territory, disputed as part of India or Pakistan.

It would be great to HEAR their music more than the few seconds the above clip includes.

Relevant songs covered here: Pussy Riot, Punk Prayer (Russia) and Sosan Firooz, Our Neighbors (Afghanistan)


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