Shakira – Gypsy

A Gypsy as a free spirit is the 2009 take by Columbian pop star Shakira, who appears to be playing a harmonica in the video! As a gypsy, she might take your clothes. Well, look at how little she usually wears and consider your threads safe from her theft. Maybe Gypsy is a metaphor for life on the road, a staple subject for musicians.

But a gypsy is more than just a travelling crew of performers as the movies also often depict. Gypsies can be nomadic peoples of any race. This also means that they are stateless, in a similar way that Tom Hanks played a character with no country in The Terminal.

The world is divided into states, of which citizens are members. Not so for gypsies, not under the law of a country. Mind you, they would be dealt with for lawbreaking, for sure. And being stateless can mean not having the rights and protections as full citizens.

A gypsy could be internationally homeless out of choice, but also not:

One could live in a place that is an unrecognized state – on its way to statehood. Palestine and Somaliland could be examples. A state could die or end from conflict with a gap between the establishment of a new country, leaving its peoples like gypsies. Also, a refugee is essentially stateless. And people from an ethnic group that a state does not recognize (the Kurds, in the Middle East) would be part of a broad definition of gypsy.

Woman living in washroom at Kenyan airport:

Fleetwood Mac also had a song of the same name in 1980, often interpreted to be about singer Stevie Nicks remembering some freedom before being in the band. And about her romantic entanglements within Fleetwood Mac:


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