The Ramones – Censorshit

Warning labels on music regarding violent and sexual lyrics was censorship to bubblegum rocking punks The Ramones, back in 1992.

Umm, the target of the song, the sticker-slapping, Tipper Gore’s Parents Music Resource Centre, was created much earlier in 1985 – it took the Ramones a while to address this on record! But the lyrics argue the parental advisory warnings is a political smokescreen. That is, the politicians and their wives can look all proactive and caring about issues like swearing in popular music, to divert their lack of progress in other important social areas. The song names homelessness, the environment, and the savings and loan crisis.

This crisis, from the 1980s and 1990s, saw about 25%-50% (varies by source) of savings and loans businesses – financial institutions – go belly up. They could not keep afloat lending money at fixed rates when interest rates were rising faster. They got creative to try to stay in business (that means fraudulent). And, they were not making prudent loans and investments… And… had their lending guaranteed by government.

More on the PMRC from this blog: Twisted Sister, We’re Not Gonna Take It


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