Pink Floyd – Not Now John

The Final Cut, Pink Floyd’s 1983 album, is sort of a sequel to The Wall, but one that few probably listen to, including Floyd fans. There are more songs about Roger Waters trying to come to terms with the death of this father, in World War II.

Not Now John is a more accessible track from the record, struggling to understand an apparent apathy of people in times of economic hardship and crises like war. The John of the title is probably a generic name representing workers displaced from their jobs due to their industries not being able to compete with cheaper imports, such as from Japan. In this sense, John is a critic of free trade, though may also not appreciate the economic laws of comparative and competitive advantage. The Maggie of the tune is obviously Maggie Thatcher, who during this time was British Prime Minister and overseer of the Falklands War. This conflict in 1982 arose over a dispute of possession of some islands off the coast of Argentina.

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