The Sandpipers – Guantanamera

These folk rockers had a Top 10 hit in 1966, making easy listening of this most well known Cuban song. José Fernández may have been the lyricist, writing about a woman that left him (the title sort of means woman from Guantanamo).

Now, you probably just thought of Guantanamo Bay, on the southeastern end of Cuba. America has had territorial control of this spot of land since a treaty in 1903. And maybe you know that “Gitmo” hosts a U.S. naval base with a controversial detention camp.  At the camp, suspected terrorists from Afghanistan are detained and interrogated. And may have been tortured. While there has been some legal haranguing, it remains complicated regarding whether inmates are entitled to U.S. domestic and international protections as prisoners here. They do get the basics, decided a court ruling.

President Barack Obama has pledged to close the facility, but as of writing, has not secured financial support from Congress for the transfer of prisoners to American soil.


One thought on “The Sandpipers – Guantanamera

  1. Contrary to some proposals, there can be no blank page on Gitmo. The debate has become at once so poisoned, so calcified, and so removed from the prisoners whose fate it involves that it is impossible to begin anew.

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