The Clash – Revolution Rock

The Clash didn’t actually write this song which was by the obscure Danny Ray And The Revolutionaries. And it’s somewhat improvised lyrics may be taking a shot at conservatives afraid of and ridiculing punk music (although this song is like ska or reggae). But it’s from the incredible 1979 London Calling record, widely considered definitive for British punk music.

A revolution, meanwhile, is something else. It’s when there is a big change to something else, in a country, usually referring to its system of government, as set out in a constitution. A revolution comes about from society, or below, and changes the authority structure.

This is a simplification, and revolution is more widely used, even overused, today, to refer to paradigm shifts beyond systems of government. How about, the “sexual revolution,” or the “technological revolution.” Or for The Clash, their musical revolution of the late 1970s, giving disco and progressive rock a kick in the teeth.


4 thoughts on “The Clash – Revolution Rock

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