Talib Kweli – Beautiful Struggle

We must move past indecision to action. Now let us begin. Now let us rededicate ourselves to the long and bitter, but beautiful struggle for a new world. This is the calling of the sons of God, and our brothers wait eagerly for our response – Martin Luther King

From 2004, using ‘revolution’ in its broad sense (see The Clash, Revolution Rock), serious rapper Talib Kweli figures change has to come from people, for a few reasons:

  • American political parties, like the Democrats and Republicans, are interchangeable
  • Religion is preoccupied with gossip
  • Black history organizations are moribund and ineffective

Kweli’s disappointment in these institutions failing to bring change is manifested in the hook: he feels like laughing at their empty change rhetoric. Perhaps we’d have to look to other tunes by him to find his prescriptions.


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