Kinks – Come Dancing

From 1982, Kinks singer Ray Davies fondly remembers his older sister’s teenage years, her going on dates to a dance hall that was later torn down. It became a parking lot, echoing Big Yellow Taxi, by Joni Mitchell.

Urban renewal is when businesses may be moved, buildings knocked down, and even people shuffled elsewhere. The aim include improving neighbourhoods that may be worn down, making way more major business and government housing and other projects, and assembling room for development elsewhere by razing areas for transportation routes. Urban renewal has been criticized for changing the character of communities and even the demographics of cities. Writer Jane Jacobs, in 1961, published The Death And Life of Great American Cities, in this regard.

Urban renewal gradually came to have synonymous names such as community renewal, downtown revitalization and redlining (which also relates to the segregation of communities in the USA).

Over time, more community input and participation in such city planning has expanded considerably. Yet it still seems to be all too often the case that “progress” has little patience.


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