Duran Duran – Planet Earth

Duran Duran didn’t just aim to entertain us with their frilly fashions back in 1981. They were also here to educate us (in the video) with some trivia about the Earth. This compensates for the lyrics of “bob bop bop” etc. in the chorus.

The song could be about nuclear war: the threat (the video warns of doomsday) or aftermath (lyric: “There’s no sign of life”).

This same year, President Ronald Reagan was getting tough on the Soviet Union. The enunciated policy aim was clear: to fight and win a nuclear war. This was of course criticized on the grounds that the missiles would, um, kill everyone. This remains true, though the “enemy” has changed from the “Evil Empire” to “rogue states,”  the “axis of evil” and terrorism.

This is Planet Earth!

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