Men Without Hats – Pop Goes The World

Canadian new wavers, also known for The Safety Dance, had a top 20 novelty hit in this, from 1987, which is mostly about two musicians, Johnny and Jenny, seeking fame. Canadian artists since rock and roll began have struggled to “penetrate” the US market, with its massive population (relative to Canada), and thus sales potential.  The album is the same name, and could be considered a lighthearted concept album, and curiously or deliberately uses toy piano like sounds and melodies that were already passé by the time of release – as if daring Americans to like it.

The lyric:

And every time I wonder where the world went wrong,
End up lying on my face going ringy dingy ding dong

…may sum up precisely the frustrations in politics of “making a difference,” be that peace in the Middle East, reducing child poverty, ending violence against women, balancing government budgets, even getting potholes filled on city streets!


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