The Brady Bunch – It’s A Sunshine Day

Politicians speechify about “moving forward,” how “children are our future,” how they will be transparent, and get the economic engine running again. These and other hackneyed phrases are to make us feel happy and warm inside, and supportive of them. We may be cynical and not believe it, but somehow still fall for it, again and again.

The Brady Bunch kids needed funds back in 1973 for an anniversary of their parents, so sang this song at a talent show.

Everybody’s smilin’ – sunshine day
Everybody’s laughin’ – sunshine day
Everybody seems so happy today – it’s a sunshine day

It’s the same impression a political candidate wants to create in the minds of voters, that carefree and worry free times can be delivered, through your vote.

Thus it may be a point to consider, that this happy song is by children, not grown men and women seeking public office that could tell it like it is.


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